Monday, 26 February, 2024

Teachers code of conduct for better classroom performance


Kathmandu, Mar. 6: The government has been initiating to make code of conduct for teachers after they received a huge number of complaints that community schools across the country can’t assure quality education. The government initiated for the code of conduct for teachers as major blame for deteriorating education quality goes to school teachers.

The government has decided to make the code of conduct at the initiation of Centre for Education and Human Resource Development (CEHRD) in coordination with Nepal Teachers’ Federation. For the effective implementation of the code of conduct, the ministry already reached agreement with teachers’ federation.

Along with 50 points agreements teachers’ federation and the ministry, the government and teachers agreed to improve the quality of education from proper implementation of the code of conduct.
Kamala Tuladhar, chairperson of the Nepal Teachers’ Federation said after the government made them assured to address their demands through different points, they also become ready to accomplish their responsibility in effective manner.

“We are facing blame that teachers are receiving salary without working properly but now we want to change the blame over teachers by making correction on it.”
Chudamani Poudel, director general of the CEHRD, said they will start to make code of conduct very soon in coordination with the ministry and the teachers’ federation.
The code of conduct will be focused on learning achievement of students and teachers’ performance in classroom. In conclusion, the code of conduct comes to ensure quality education in schools across the country.

Poudel said teachers have to be responsible towards their duty after the government is ready to address their demands.
Recently, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Nepal Teachers’ Federation reached an agreement in 51 points for the facilities for them. Agreement includes equal facility to teachers on par with civil servants, to increase the salary of preschool teachers and schools’ employees and others.

Regarding the agreement, Tuladhar said that the agreement is the most progressive agreement ever they made with the government. If these agreements will come into effect, they will encourage teachers to work sincerely at schools.