Monday, 2 October, 2023

Police nabs teen for stealing money from friend’s bank account online


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Dec. 5: On October 24, Hari (name changed for privacy) got shocked when he was notified about a transaction of Rs. 50,200 from his bank account.
Unaware of how his money got transferred online, Hari reached out for police.
The incident took place in Janakpur but the victim had also filed a complaint at Kathmandu-based Metropolitan Crime Division.

“The amount got debited from the victim’s NIC Asia Bank’s account number E187573609524001 and was sent to a digital wallet registered on number 9812176361 and then to the account number 1070100000117045 of Citizens Bank,” read a statement by the division.
The division found out that the account number of the Citizens Bank was of 19-year-old Shesh Faisal, a resident of Mahottari.

Faisal had been living in Machlibazaar area of Janakpur and was a friend of Hari.
“Faisal had found out the username and password of the victim as they were friends and used to be together quite a lot. When Faisal got access to the victim’s phone, he made the transaction through a web browser. Faisal then used the one-time password (OTP) that came to the victim’s phone to confirm the transaction,” said Superintendent of Police (SP) Krishna Prasad Koirala.

SP Koirala, who is also the spokesperson for the division, informed that the victim was unaware that it was his friend who stole the money.
When the division started the investigation and searched where the transactions were made, it led them to a digital wallet.

“The digital wallet was registered in a different name through a new SIM card purchased with another identity by Faisal,” said SP Koirala.
After the division found out the thief, they searched for Faisal and nabbed him while he was in Kathmandu.
“Faisal had come to the Tribhuvan International Airport to bid farewell to someone. We found out and arrested him on Thursday,” said SP Koirala.

Faisal has been handed over to the Metropolitan Police Range, Baneshwor for further investigation and legal process.
Police have also requested the public to keep their banking details secure and not share it with others.