Friday, 14 June, 2024

PM Oli recalls ploughing fields

Photo: RSS

Kathmandu, Sept 25: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said on Wednesday that agricultural field could be increased with the proper management of irrigation and technology.
"I have myself ploughed and cultivated the land. I know very well about land, irrigation and production. We can take benefit by increasing the production even in a small plot if we can make proper arrangements of irrigation and technology," PM Oli shared to the farmers' leaders at a programme today.
Stating that Ilam, the neighbouring district of his home district Jhapa, has utilized every terrace and plot of land for boosting agricultural yield, he urged the peasant leaders to be the leaders of the production sector also as well as the leaders of the peasants' organization.
The Prime Minister was addressing the First Central Committee Meeting and Oath-taking Programme of All Nepal Peasants' Organization at Dhobighat of Lalitpur. The Organization is close to the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP).
On the occasion, he also talked about the initiatives undertaken by the government for the modernization and commercialization of agriculture.
Out of around 4 million 121 thousand hectares of land (28 per cent of the total area of the country) that is arable, only 2 million 641 hectares is cultivated due to the lack of irrigation.
"We have tried to develop agriculture through programmes including the Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Programme. We have attempted to orient our mechanism and experts so that the land could be used for collective farming and large plots along with new technology," he said, adding that we should reach to a situation of taking benefit from and exporting the agriculture yield by growing one crop in one area in large quantity by means of cooperatives or farmers collaborative along with its marketing. PM Oli reiterated that government subsidy to agriculture would continued.
Speaking on a separate topic, he said the stable government, formed after the promulgation of the constitution along with the federal democratic republic following the sacrifices and struggle for a long period, has been striving for good governance and development. He added that the party will now take a stride as the unification process of the party has been concluded albeit with some delay.
The Prime Minister stated that they have concluded the party unification task successfully in the context of criticism that the Communists only know bickering and splitting, and have formed the government at the centre with 64 per cent votes even in the present election system where a majority generally is hard to come by.
He said, "It has been established that the communist party can make government through peaceful competition and work for nation's welfare. We are engaged to uplift the entire nation in the safe and prosperous journey for justice and equitable society by fulfilling the gap between the poor and rich."
Urging the central leaders of the Federation to lead the task of exporting products to make the country self-reliant, also the chairperson of the NCP, Oli said that the agricultural revolution would be achieved through modern and commercial agriculture.
Similarly, Federation in-charge and NCP Secretariat member, Bamdev Gautam, administrated the oath of office and secrecy to the central committee members.
The 251-member unified Federation was formed after the direction of the Secretariat meeting held on May 16.
Chitra Bahadur Shrestha and Sunil Manandhar are the joint in-charge of the Federation while Hari Parajuli is the chairperson.