Friday, 31 May, 2024

Parliamentary committees performance up to mark -NA Chair


National Assembly (NA) Chairperson Ganesh Prasad Timilsina said the parliamentary committees have been performing well to serve the public interests, including law-making with motivation, due diligence and enthusiasm.

After enquiring about work progress and practices carried out by the Legislation Management Committee at its meeting today, NA Chair Timilsina commented that the committees under the NA are seriously working to formulate laws by maintaining both quality and quantity. "The thematic committees have been successful in settling some of the contentious issues on consensus. It would be much appreciated if the political parties created an atmosphere to present the issues settled after discussion in the current parliamentary session".

Sharing that some of the bills the NA endorsed three years back are still pending in the House of Representatives, he enquired who will take responsibility if the bills are not timely endorsed from the lower House.

On the occasion, LMC President Parshuram Meghi Gurung shared that the committee had put forth several bills on consensus through rigorous discussion by holding over 671 meetings during the tenure of four years.

President of Delegated Management and Government Assurance Committee Ram Narayan Bidari admitted that quality reforms could not be made in law-making due to deep-rooted traditional mindsets among the government, political parties and bureaucracy.

Also speaking on the occasion, Secretary at Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Dr Baikuntha Aryal said that they are fully aware of the LMC's campaign to remove the provisions 'as delegated' in the law-making.

Chair Timilsina has initiated a practice of attending committees' meetings to make the committee's work effective and encourage the members.

Deliberations on a bill to amend and integrate law regarding public service broadcasting are underway at LMC, it was shared.