Sunday, 4 June, 2023

Nepal-US joint military drill begins


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Apr. 4: The joint military exercise named 'Balance Nail' between the Nepali Army and the US Army began from Sunday.
“A "balance nail" is being drawn between the NA’s Ranger Force and the Special Force of the US as a routine procedure and exercise,” according to Nepali Army Spokesperson and Brigadier General and Director for the Directorate of Public Relations and Information, Narayan Silwal.

A joint exercise between the US military and the Nepali Army has been under way since August 2003, said Director Silwal.
So far, 39 exercises under this joint exercise have been completed. According to him, about 4,000 Nepali Army personnel of the Ranger Battalion had received such training.
Spokesperson Silwal said, "This time, the balance nail will be operated from April 4 to 26 at the Ranger Battalion's Singh Mahabir Planning and Coordination Division and Ranger Training Centre in Nagarkot."

Twenty United States soldiers and 90 Nepali Army soldiers are participating in the training.
The training will provide practical exercises and knowledge on human rights and law enforcement during the war, forest warfare and other issues including military tactics. Such training will contribute to the capacity building of the Nepali Army, DPR&I said.

The training will be conducted in the field, table and classroom, said the army. The programme has got endorsement and coordination from the Ministry of Defence and Foreign Affairs.
The United States has been conducting such joint exercises with various countries around the world.

A week ago only, a joint training was conducted between the US Army and the medical personnel of the Nepali Army.