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Nepal Police, APF IGs retiring before May 13 local polls

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By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Apr. 6: Inspector Generals (IGs) of Nepal Police and Armed Police Force (APF) Nepal are receiving compulsory retirement before the local level elections slated for May 13.
Inspector General (IG) of the Armed Police Force (APF) Shailendra Khanal is retiring from the service on April 11 after serving a four-year term.

After compulsory retirement of IGP Khanal, Additional Inspector Generals (AIGs) Pushpa Ram KC and Ram Sharan Poudel are in a race to become the new IGP.
But to a great dismay, the new and upcoming IGP of the force (be it KC or Poudel) would get a chance to head the command just for 21 days before receiving compulsory retirement. During their promotion to the post of DIGs, KC was promoted in the first and Poudel in the second rank.

KC is currently the head of Department of Works and Boundaries, while Poudel is the head of the Department of Human Resources.
Likewise, Shailesh Thapa Kshetri of Nepal Police is receiving compulsory retirement from the service in May 2, 11 days before the day of local level elections.
In Nepal Police and APF, there is a 30-year service provision for getting a compulsory retirement.

While promoting to the post of IGP, the government will pick up only those candidates who are deemed appropriate on the basis of seniority, efficiency, performance ability, ability to bear responsibility, ability to provide leadership and ability to encourage and mobilise the police under them.

Two IGPs Kshetri and Khanal were enrolled in Nepal Police as police inspector on May 1, 1992. Khanal later joined the Armed Police Force after the establishment of the semi-paramilitary force as Armed Police Force in 2002 A.D.
There are two AIG posts in the Armed Police Force. Between KC and Poudel, the government will have to appoint one as IG for just 21 days and the current, DIGs Raju Aryal, Narayan Dutta Poudel and Chandra Prakash Gautam will be promoted as AIGs.

If one among Aryal and Poudel is promoted to AIG and appointed IGP, their term will be four years. If Gautam becomes IGP, he will retire in two years due to 30 years provision.
Aryal and Poudel are officers who started their service as Inspectors in Nepal Police on March 31, 1998. Gautam is an officer who started his service as a captain of the Nepali Army on April 16, 1995.
Meanwhile, Joint Secretary and Spokesperson for Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) Phadindra Mani Pokhrel said that the process of recommending the government for appointment of new IGPs in the two forces was yet to begin.

Promotion Committees of both organisations will be called soon but it may take time to immediately recommend new IGPs within this week,” Pokhrel said.
Pokhrel said that there is more likelihood of the command of APF and Nepal Police being headed by acting IGPs until the promotion of AIGs.
“The Ministry will, however, recommend new IGPs in the two organisations before the local polls,” Joint Secretary Pokhrel said.