Sunday, 25 February, 2024

National Assembly endorses three bills unanimously


Kathmandu, Sept 18: Meeting of the National Assembly (NA) on Wednesday unanimously passed three bills- 'Safeguards, Anti-dumping and Countervailing Bill-2075, 'Industrial Enterprises Bill-2075' and 'Economic Procedure and Financial Accountability Bill-2075'.
Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Matrika Prasad Yadav had presented the proposal, seeking approval on the bills- 'Safeguards, Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Bill-2075' and 'Industrial Enterprises Bill-2075'.
Likewise, Minister for Finance Dr Yubaraj Khatiwada had tabled the proposal, seeking passage of the Bill 'Economic Procedure and Financial Accountability Bill-2075'.
The concerned Ministers responded to the queries raised by the parliamentarians on the bills during the clause-wise deliberation.
The next meeting of the NA is scheduled on Thursday at 3 pm.