Tuesday, 23 April, 2024

MoHP warns spraying disinfectants on humans can cause serious harms


By Ajita Rijal

Kathmandu, May 5: The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) on Monday warned of harmful health impact of spraying disinfectants on humans directly saying it can cause serious health problems. The Ministry warned against the detrimental effect of such actions after various media reports with photos and videos circulated on the social media recently showed local people, including minors, being directly sprayed with disinfectants in the streets.
‘Spraying such disinfectant on people directly is very harmful. Such disinfectant liquid can harm our eyes, mouth, nose, etc badly. Disinfectants if used unsafely can also lead to various respiratory problems as shown by various studies,” warned Dr Bikash Devkota, MoHP Spokesperson at the daily press briefing.
Dr Devkota said, “As is in the news, since last few days, we have seen, read and heard of this spraying, including videos on social media, which is reportedly happening in some parts of the country, whereby people are being directly sprayed with the disinfecting solution that usually contains water mixed with sodium hypochlorite and home bleach chlorine liquid, which is harmful.”
“Once the coronavirus enters human body, spraying or putting on the body any alcohol, bleach or chlorine solution or any other disinfectants on our bodies does not kill the virus. It is because the growth of the virus happens inside the cells of human body,” Devkota clarified
It can only help disinfect surfaces and floors
However, Dr Devkota said that it was only useful in disinfecting surfaces and floors if used correctly. “If used correctly as per right standards, protocol and in right quantity and proper method, the spraying can disinfect floors and surfaces like of motor vehicles, the surfaces we often touch, or surface of packed items, so spraying can help disinfect such surfaces.”
However, he still reminded that the simplest and most effective and easiest way to stay safe from COVID-19 was to wash hands properly for 20 seconds, maintain social distance by abiding by the lockdown measures.
COVID-19 in six states, except Karnali
Meanwhile, COVID-19 has spread among six states across the country excluding Karnali State. The total number of COVID-19 cases in Nepal has reached 75, including 58 males and 17 females.
Speaking at the daily media briefing Dr Devkota said that Karnali State had not reported any cases of COVID-19 till date.
According to Dr Devkota, of the total 75 cases, the highest number of COVID-19 cases were recorded in State 1, with 31 cases, followed by State 5 with 17 cases and State 2 with 13 cases. Likewise, Bagmati State has seven cases, Gandaki State has two cases and Sudurpaschim State with 5 cases with zero case in Karnali state.
Meanwhile, the number of PCR tests carried out nationwide has reached 13,640. The Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) conducted in the seven States has also reached 50,845. Around 1,382 tests through RDT and PCR methods were carried out in the past 24 hours, as shared at the MoHP’s briefing.
Around 21,523 people are currently under quarantine across the nation.
Also, 106 potentially infected people are admitted to isolation wards of various designated hospitals of which one person is admitted inside Kathmandu valley while the other 105 are outside Kathmandu.