Monday, 26 February, 2024

Maoist convention discusses Prachanda's political report


By Manjima Dhakal
Kathmandu, Dec. 29: Delegates to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre)'s 8th general convention have generally agreed on the main spirit of party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s political report 'Nepali Path of Socialism in the 21st Century'.

On the second day of the general convention's closed session, delegates from across the country put their opinions over the report where most of them were convinced with key components of the report but suggested making the report stronger, Krishna Bahadur Mahara, spokesperson of the party and chairperson of the presidium, said.
In Tuesday's session, the party held discussions over the report in 25 different groups which were categorised on Monday.

The Maoists had formed 25 groups from different provinces and clusters to discuss the report. According to Mahara, out of 25 groups more than five groups have completed their discussion and already chosen group leaders to present the summary of their respected group comments.
The remaining groups have been given time till 12 noon on Wednesday to discuss the report, informed the publicity subcommittee of the party.

It is mentioned in the press release of the committee that the delegates participating in all the group discussions expressed their support for the ideological and political document presented by chairperson Prachanda and put forward various suggestions.

Soon after completion of group discussions on Wednesday noon, group leaders will present feedback of their respective groups from 1:00 pm at Nepal Academy, as per the programme scheduled.
Now, the group discussions are being held at Nepal Academy, Parishdanda and different party venues.

The Maoists plan to pass the resolution after chairperson Prachanda responds to the group leaders' concerns and suggestions. After that, they will propose names for the central committee and select the office bearers from those names.
Earlier on Monday, the first day of the closed session, chairman Prachanda had presented an ideological and political document titled 'Nepali Path to Socialism in the 21st Century'. Similarly, standing committee member Dev Prasad Gurung also presented the draft of statute. The 8th general convention of the CPN-MC started from Sunday in Kathmandu.

In Tuesday's discussions, leader of the party Ram Karki put his views in written where he mentioned that Nepal needed new opinion as the country was poor in thought now. He further added that federalism has not been implemented in the true sense of the word.
Meanwhile, standing committee meeting of the party was also held on Tuesday at Nepal Academy which has made some rules to manage the suggestion process.

According to the decision of the standing committee, one person from each of the 25 groups will be able to make suggestions. The leaders who come to present such suggestions should come up with written document as much as possible and submit their suggestions within 15 minutes at most.

Immediately after the meeting, chairperson Prachanda inspected some group discussions on Tuesday.