Tuesday, 7 February, 2023

KUKL to supply additional 10 million litres water daily in KTM Valley


Kathmandu, Nov. 11: Preparation is underway to make arrangement of additional 10 million litres of water in Kathmandu Valley daily.

An alternative is going to be searched to address the drinking water shortage problem in Kathmandu Valley as it would take time to get water from the Melamchi project.

Water sources available in the Valley are going to be protected and more water is to be collected through deep boring at different places.

Chief Executive Director of Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL), Milan Shakya, said that a plan has been made to distribute drinking water in Kathmandu Valley by mobilizing sources until water from the Melamchi project is available.

Old tube-wells are being preserved for the same. He said that drinking water would be distributed by making some changes in the schedule once the number of water increases.

Service recipients of some of the places of Kathmandu Valley are complaining of not getting drinking water. He shared that arrangement of drinking water would be made for them by filling public water tanks from tankers.

The KUKL is going to construct tube-well at 10 different places in Kathmandu Valley. Additional 10 million litres of water would be added to the existing quantity of water from deep tube-well and water sources.

There is a demand for 430 million litres of water in Kathmandu Valley daily. The KUKL has been providing around 170 million litres during rainy season and less than it during the winter season.

With the beginning of winter season, around eight-nine million litres of water is being distributed by KUKL daily.