Monday, 26 February, 2024

Humla  people cross Karnali risking life

A local crossing Karnali River at Ripgad in Humla. (TRN photo)

By Our Correspondent, Humla, Dec. 24: Pedestrians in the southern part of Humla district are using a makeshift of wooden logs to cross the Ripgad River after the suspension bridge was destroyed by landslides.

Locals complained that since no new bridge had yet been constructed, they were forced to construct a temporary bridge using wooden logs to cross the river.

“There has been no bridge over the river for two years. A makeshift wooden bridge has been constructed but it is lower than the water level,” said Binod Shahi, a local of Ward No. 2 of Sarkegad Rural Municipality.

The river’s water rises above the makeshift bridge, because of which the pedestrians always get wet while crossing.

The river falls on the way to four different rural municipalities of the district.

“We are even afraid to cross the river alone because it is big. Karnali River flows 50 metres below. If anyone is alone, s/he waits for someone to arrive and cross it together,” said Shahi.

Domesticated animals are unable to cross the river through the makeshift bridge due to difficulties while there is no other option for the people.

The locals have been constructing such makeshift wooden bridges around three to four times annually. The bridge often gets flooded once the water flow increases in the river.