Sunday, 14 April, 2024

Gautam appointed Gorkhapatra Online editor, Tiwari The Rising Nepal Online coordinator

Gorkhapatra Corporation Executive Chairman Bishnu Prasad Subedi welcomes the newly-appointed editor of Gorkhapatra Online Publication Narad Gautam to the Office.

Kathmandu, April 9: Gorkhapatra Corporation management has appointed Narad Muni Gautam as the acting editor of the Gorkhapatra Online Publication. He was the Chief Reporter of the Gorkhapatra Daily.

As per the decision of the management of April 8, Gautam has been assigned the responsibility of Gorkhapatra online publication from today, Saturday.

Welcoming newly-appointed editor Gautam, Bishnu Prasad Subedi, executive chairman of Gorkhapatra Corporation, expressed confidence that online would be effective as soon as Gautam is given the responsibility. Executive Chairman Subedi said that Gautam has been given the responsibility to better the digital edition of the daily.

In the crowd of online portals, Gorkhapatra Online has done well, thanks to its earstwhile editor Ram Prasad Humagain. However, the work has not been done satisfactorily yet,' said Chairman Subedi.

Congratulating Gautam and wishing him a success, General Manager of Gorkhapatra Corporation, Lal Bahadur Airi, said that online publication should work in a timely manner to utilise the resources of the government.

"We have a large source of information from the government. However, we have not been able to present it properly and promptly," said General Manager Airi." Now we are confident that the new leadership will implement it."

Similarly, Shiv Kumar Bhattarai, Acting Editor-in-Chief of the Gorkhapatra Daily, expressed his confidence that the team led by Gautam would work for the effectiveness of the Gorkhapatra Online.

"He has a long experience in journalism, and we believe Gorkhapatra Online will be effective under his leadership," said Bhattarai.

Gautam, the Deputy Executive Editor of the Nepali Journalism Group at the Corporation, has a master's degree in Mass Communication and Journalism.

Gautam entered the field of journalism in 2051 BS after receiving a 10-month journalism training course from Nepal Press Institute. In the Gorkhapatra Corporation, he entered the permanent service in the post of proofreader in Bhadra 2053 BS.

After the change of service to Assistant Editor (Correspondent) in Nepali Journalism Service from Paush 2063 BS, he continued to work in the reporting section of the Gorkhapatra Daily for 15 consecutive years.

Gautam has very a good and long experience in writing news related to parliamentary, political affairs, the President, the Prime Minister, Election Commission, Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority and Public Service Commission.

Similarly, Nanda Lal Tiwari has been appointed as the coordinator of the Online edition of The Rising Nepal Daily. Sub Editor of The Rising Nepal daily, Tiwari has been looking after the online edition of the daily for eight years. A permanent employee of the Gorkhapatra Corporation, Tiwari has been working in The Rising Nepal daily for 16 years.

According to the management of Gorkhapatra Corporation, Ram Prasad Humagain, who was previously the editor of the Gorkhapatra online publication, has been transferred to the Gorkhapatra daily's print edition from Saturday.