Sunday, 21 July, 2024

Dr Deuba urges EC to manage electoral quotas for women based on proportional inclusion  


Kathmandu, April 13 : Nepali Congress leader Dr Arju Rana Deuba has urged the Election Commission (EC) to manage electoral quotas for women on the basis of proportional inclusion.    

Stating that the EC does not have any authority to breach the Article 38 (4) of the constitution, she urged it to correct its decision on the subject of electoral candidacy for the poll.  

For the election, the EC has provisioned that a political party should prioritise women representation in any one position of chief and deputy chief or chair and vice chair at local levels while nominating election candidates.

But this provision goes against the Article 38 (4) of the constitution that guarantees women's right to participate in all bodies of the state on the basis of proportional inclusion, she argued while taking to a social site. So, she appealed to the EC to make correction in the election directives it has issued recently for the election.