Thursday, 30 May, 2024

COVID cases rise alarmingly, admission of patients to Valley hospital soars


By Mahima Devkota, Kathmandu, July 29: The number of COVID-19 patients admitted to hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley has gone up with the rise in virus cases lately.

The data of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) shows that the number of COVID-19 cases has been surging since the last week.

As per the daily report of MoHP, a total of 239 patients, 171 in ICU and 68 in ventilators, are receiving treatment in the 12 government hospitals that provide the COVID-19 treatment in the Kathmandu Valley.

As many as 3,840 people tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Wednesday while the number of positive cases on Tuesday was 3,899.

Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital (STIDH)

The ICU and Ventilators designated for the COVID-19 patients in the Teku hospitals are all packed up.

A total of 24 ICU, 22 Ventilators, 40 beds in the COVID-19 ward, and 10 beds in the special cabin have been separated for the treatment of COVID-19 infection.

“As many as 20 ICU, 17 Ventilators, 38 beds in COVID-19 ward and 7 patients in the special cabin are full.  Four more beds will be added in the ICU as per the need of the hour,” said Dr. Anup Bastola, Director at the STDH.

The flow of patients in the hospitals has not deterred since the second wave. Dr. Bastola pointed at the carelessness on the part of the general public to follow the health safety standards, lack of vaccination as well overcrowded space in the market, and close confined spaces for the increment in COVID-19 infection.

COVID-19 Unified Central Hospital, Kathmandu

In the COVID-19 Unified Central Hospital, currently, 98 COVID-19 patients are receiving treatment, of them, 15 are in ICU, and 40 are in HDU.

Dr. Jageshwor Gautam, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) COVID-19 Unified Central Hospital, said that there are a total of 500 beds, 200 HDU, and 100 ICU beds.

Dr. Gautam observed that the COVID-19 cases have been rising lately and assured that the bed capacity can be increased to 1000 in case of need.

T.U. Teaching Hospital

The number of COVID-19 patients in the T.U. Teaching Hospital have been increasing lately. The hospital has separated 30 ICU with ventilators and 80 beds of the general ward for virus cases.  

“There are 105 COVID-19 infected in the hospital, of them, 30 are in ICU and 10 in the ventilators. Lately, the COVID-19 patients have been rising, nearly 22 patients a day are being admitted in the hospital,” said Ram Bikram Adhikari, Spokesperson of the hospital.

Nepal Armed Police Force (APF) Hospital

 “A total of 200 beds, including 20 beds in ICU and 12 beds in Ventilators have been separated for the treatment of the COVID-19 patients. Currently, 150 patients are receiving treatment in the hospital, of them, 10 are in ICU and five in Ventilators¸” said Prabin Nepal, Spokesperson at the Nepal APF Hospital.

All the patients being admitted to the hospital are in severe condition, high fever and pneumonia are the typical symptoms of the patients that are now in severe condition. An average of 12 patients is being admitted on a daily basis.

Bir Hospital

Dr. Achyut Karki, spokesperson of the Bir Hospital, said that COVID-19 cases in the hospital are in an increasing trend. There are 81 COVID-19 patients in the general ward and HDU, 18 in ICU, and 4 in a ventilator.

The hospital has the capacity of 153 beds in general ward/ HDU, 35 beds in ICU and 10 ventilators.

Civil Service Hospital of Nepal

14 ICU, 22 HDU and 3 ventilators have been separated in the Civil Service Hospital of Nepal for COVID-19 cases. The 22 beds of the HDU are now full, said Dr. Suman Babu Marahatta, spokesperson of the hospital.

He further added that the COVID-19 patients have been increasing during the last two weeks.

Patan Hospital

As many as 120 COVID-19 patients are receiving treatment at the the Patan Hospital. Of them, 25 are in ICU as per the daily report of the hospital.