Sunday, 25 February, 2024

Constitution becoming weak due to government: Sitaula

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By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Sept. 19: Nepali Congress leader and the constitution drafting committee chair Krishna Prasad Sitaula said on Thursday that the present government was trying to enforce issues raised in the election manifesto of the ruling the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) instead of working to implement the provisions of Constitution in letter and spirit.
Speaking at interaction organised by Nepal Press Union in the Capital today, he said the constitution was becoming weak due to the government.
Sitaula said the ruling party had started breaching the constitutional provision by electing Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the parliament from the same party.
The constitution provisioned that the Speaker and Deputy Speaker should be elected from different parties.
“The provision was inserted to ensure the participation of all in the Constitutional Council,” he said.
He accused the government of trying to control the constitutional bodies by electing the speaker and deputy speaker from the same party who are members of the Constitutional Ccouncil on the strength of its two-thirds majority and have been threatening the constitutional bodies’ representatives with impeachment.
He said the CPN had inducted Samajwadi Party in the government to have its access on the two-thirds majority and to issue threats to the constitutional bodies not to amend the constitution as per the demand put forth by the Madhes-based parties.
Former deputy prime minister Sitaula said the government was also trying to weaken the federalism by centralising power of provincial governments.