Wednesday, 19 June, 2024

Bharatpur metropolis in political spotlight, yet people's expectations different 


Chitwan, April 11 : Bharatpur metropolis has politically drawn wider attention in view of the coming May 13 local election. Though Bharatpur has caught nationwide attention politically on who will reach the top executive position, the concerns and expectations of the city dwellers are on other seminal issues.    

Among the key public concerns here are good governance, infrastructure development, access to employment opportunities, education and health, agriculture grants and subsidy, well-managed residence, tourism promotion and sustainable economic development.   

Chairperson and managing director of Chitwan Medical College, Prof Dr Harischandra Neupane stressed the need to make health and education service free. Those deprived and disadvantaged should get free health and education services, he said, adding, "The metropolis should work to provide health and education services free or in a minimum cost".   

People should not die in lack of treatment in the time of 21st century, he stressed. The metropolis should make necessary arrangement of education and training for promoting employability, he underlined.    

Likewise, former Chairperson of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and industry Chitwan chapter, Dr Tilchnadra Bhattarai said the metropolis should engage in the crucial work of framing strategy for sustainable economic development.   

Bharatpur metropolis should also pay heed to environmental protection, he said, adding the metropolis should plan to boost per capita income of its dwellers.    

"Enabling environment should be created for the opening of business and enterprises, thereby creating employment opportunities", Dr Bhattarai emphasized.  

Likewise, entrepreneur Raju Poudel said the first choice of metropolis dwellers is employment. "The metropolis leadership should create an atmosphere where people get services without compromising good governance", he added. The distribution of agricultural grants and subsidy is not effective, he said.    

Among other expectations of local citizens are convenient public transport, sports development, establishment of Open University and completion of works related to smart city.