Saturday, 18 May, 2024

Basnet appeals to world leaders to be more serious towards climate change

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Kathmandu, Sept 26: Minister for Forest and Environment Shakti Bahadur Basnet has appealed the world leaders to be more serious towards addressing various global challenges emerging from the climate change.
Minister Basnet drew the attention of the world leaders towards it while addressing the UN Climate Action Summit held in New York, USA on the sideline of the 74th session of United Nations General Assembly on September 25.
In the programme 'Call for Action; Call for Action: Raising Ambition for Climate Adaptation and Resilience' and 'Community Resilience Partnership Programme' he argued that both the Mother Earth and human would be at existential threat, if appropriate measures were not put in place timely.
Urging for collaborative and immediate effort for sustainable solutions to protect people and environment, the Minister asserted that Himalayan nations like Nepal were more vulnerable to global warming and its consequences.
Calling for equal and increased urgency to adapt to climate impacts and build resilience for future, Minister Basnet said that least developed countries and poor countries were bearing the brunt of global warming, according to Dayanidhi Bhatta, Minister Basnet's Press Coordinator.
Furthermore, he underlined the exchange among the UN-member countries for technical and economic assistance to tackle climate crisis.
Meanwhile, in another programme organize by the Asian Development Bank , Minister Basnet shared that Nepal was forwarding the work towards building resilience to climate change attaching highest priority to it.
Moreover, he said that Nepal was ready to move hand-in-hand with the national and international stakeholders to address the climate crisis.