Friday, 19 April, 2024

Bagmati Cleaning Campaign continues

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Kathmandu, Oct 19: Cleaning of the rivers and some areas along the Ring Road in the Kathmandu Valley continued today also like every week.
The river area below the Tripureshwar bridge was cleaned today in the 336th week of the Bagmati Cleaning Mega Campaign.
Six metric tonnes of waste was managed during the cleaning in which more than 300 campaigners and volunteers from 15 organizations participated, board member of the High-Powered Bagmati Civilization Integrated Development Committee, Mala Kharel, said.
High Powered Bagmati Committee president Narendra Raj Basnet, Project Chief Lila Prasad Dhakal, Kathmandu Metropolitan City -11 chair Hira Lal Tandukar, among the campaigners participated in the cleaning works today.
The locals complain that the Bagmati river has not become clean beyond Tripureshwar as it should have been as a result of the relentless efforts to do so since the last six years because the campaign to clean the Ichhumati (Tukucha), one of the tributaries of the Bagmati that flows into it at Tripureshwar has not been started yet.
Metropolis Ward No. 11 chair Tandukar said initiatives are being made to start a campaign to clean up the Tukucha as well.
Similarly, the Bagmati river in the upper side of Guheshwari, Rudramati, Bishnumati, Manohara and the Tilaganga, Sundarighat and guheshwari section areas were cleaned today as part of the Campaign. The Godavari stream in Lalitpur was also cleaned. Rudramati, Bishnumati and Manohara are the tributaries of the Bagmati river.
The area from New Bus Park to Green City Hospital was cleaned as part of the 133rd week of Ring Road (Northern section) Cleaning Campaign. Ten metric tonnes of waste was collected from here, coordinator of the Campaign, Lok Bahadur Tandon, said.
More than 250 people, including Nepal's ambassador to Australia, Mahesh Dahal and 80-year-old Toyanath Poudel lend their hands in the cleaning works.
The Bagmati Cleaning Mega Campaign was initiated on May 19, 2013. A campaign for cleaning of the tributaries of the Bagmati and the Ring Road area was also succeeded the Bagmati Cleaning Mega Campaign.
The cleaning campaign that started from the Kathmandu Valley has now expanded across the country. Cleaning is taking place at more than 105 places throughout the country at present.