Friday, 12 April, 2024

6,400 meters of Everest climbing route constructed so far


By Chhetu Sherpa, Kathmandu, April 9: The construction of this year's Everest climbing route has been completed up to 6,400 meters.

According to Chhiring Sherpa, Chief Administrative Officer of the Everest Pollution Control Committee, a team of icefall doctors fixed the rope to the second camp at Khumbu Icefall, which is considered to be the most dangerous route.

Sherpa informed that the second camp has been opened for the climbers since Thursday.

A team of Icefall Doctors Angsarki Sherpa, Dawa Nuru Sherpa, Pemba Chhiring Sherpa, Sonam Chhiring Sherpa, Chhewang Nuru Sherpa and Nima Galgen Sherpa started the construction of the ascent route from the base camp on March 20.