Sunday, 21 July, 2024

314 km road widened in Rautamai


By Our Correspondent
Udayapur, Apr. 3: Rautamai Rural Municipality in Udayapur district has constructed and ungraded about 314 km of roads inside the municipality.
Gajendra Bahadur Khadka, chairman of the municipality, said that the municipality expanded the roads from its own budget and other road works from the federal and local budgets despite the geographical difficulties. “We completed most of the road network construction and upgrading work in the last five years,” he said.

According to him, of the five roads constructed from the municipality's budget, the shortest is 14 km Murkuchi-Puwanre-Dumrithumka-Ranibas-Phulwari road while the longest is 56 km in Ward No. 7. Not only this, two 27-km roads were upgraded in the ward. Marketplace in Murkuchi is one of the main markets of the district in terms of population and geography.

In Rautamai, which has 8 wards, 18 km of road has been constructed in 6 wards, the lowest in the road network. According to the municipality, 33 km in Ward No. 1, 50 km in Ward No. 2, 40 km in Ward 3, 62 km in Ward 4, 29 km in Ward 5 and 25 km in Ward 8 had been constructed.
The constructed roads are two to 16 km long. In terms of length, the longest road is Dhungepokhari-Bhadaure located at Ward 4, at 16 km. Similarly, Bhuttar-Lafagaun is 15 km long in Ward 2 and Nakas-Dandagaun-Pokhari is 15 km in Ward 5.

Some years ago when the people's representatives were elected, there was only one road to connect with the district headquarters.
There were no roads elsewhere to connect other offices and the rural municipality. It is said that the road connecting all the wards and the municipality had been opened and upgraded even though the road has not been tarred from the budget received by the municipality.

parts of the country. The other day, a dozer was used in the forest without informing the Division Forest Office. Such activities prompt animals to come to village in search of food,” added the office.