Sunday, 21 July, 2024

Pedestrians reluctant to use overhead bridges in Rupandehi

Jaywalking still a big problem

Photo - Laxman Paudel

By Laxman Paudel, Bhairahawa, Apr. 9: For the convenience of pedestrians Rupandehi district had built overhead bridges in various location, but not many of them are being used by Pedestrians.

In Bhairhawa and Butwal overhead bridges had been built in various Chowks but not many of them are used by pedestrians. The majority of the pedestrians avoid using the overhead bridges which leads to traffic congestion.

The pedestrians avoid using the overhead bridges even on busy streets. The District Traffic Police Office has said that pedestrians not using the overhead bridge, causes traffic jams. They further mentioned that pedestrians not using the overhead bridges can also cause accidents.

It is the duty of the traffic police to make sure the pedestrians follow the traffic rules. However, so far the police so far have not been able to carry out this task.

In Bhairahawa overhead bridges have been constructed in Eye Hospital, Bus Park and Barmeli Chowk. In Butwal overhead bridges have been constructed in Driver tole, Yogikuti, Kalika School, Rajmarga Chaoraha, Milan Chowk, Traffic Chowk and the Rupandehi Zonal Hospital. The overhead bridges are also differently-abled friendly.

The District traffic police inspector Diwash G.C has said that he has plans to make pedestrians use the overhead bridges.

“First and foremost the travellers need to cautious. Initially, we will spread awareness and then the available manpower of the police will be kept near overhead bridges in order to ensure the pedestrians use them,” G.C said.

He further added that, if pedestrians would use the zebra crossings and the overhead bridges, then accidents could be avoided.

Even if the overhead bridges and zebra crossings are far away, pedestrians should take walk a little more to reach there for their own safety.

The traffic police have also said that foot travellers should be cautious when they cross the streets.

In many accidents, it is also the pedestrians that are at fault. They cross the streets at any point by signalling vehicles to stop for them. In order to ensure pedestrians follow the traffic rules, the traffic police used to make rule-breaking pedestrians attend classes on traffic safety for an hour or two. However, that seems to be ineffective. Even now the majority of the pedestrians do not follow the traffic rules.

The chief of Trade route improvement project Belhiya, Butwal road Jaylal Marasini has said that overhead bridges have been constructed in areas where many accidents have occurred in the past. We need to make it a habit for pedestrians to use them