Wednesday, 26 June, 2024

NHRC asks government for diplomatic move to ensure rights of migrants


Kathmandu, Aug. 13: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) called for immediate and effective steps from the government to protect the rights of Nepali migrant workers.

Releasing a study report on rights of Nepali migrant workers affected from the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHRC has asked for a diplomatic initiative to stop the illegal activities like unilaterally terminating the job contract in the destination countries, forcing them to stay for non-payable leave and ousting them from the jobs.

The NHRC has furthered suggested to protect the labour laws of Nepali migrants.

Likewise, the constitutional rights watchdog body has also recommended the government to pay the ticket fair and other costs incurred for the repatriation of the migrants.

As stated in the report, it is recommended for access and compensation to justice for Nepali migrants for the violation of their human rights and labour rights as they were deprived of their regular payment and other perks in the destination countries, other ousted from jobs; and held the destination countries’ governments, employers and the recruiting agencies in Nepal accountable.

For this, a high-level political and diplomatic initiative is needed while those migrants deprived of compensation from the destination countries’ employers and government should be provided with due compensation by making a certain standard.

Furthermore, the NHRC has also urged to respect, protect and conduct the death rituals and funeral rites of the concerned communities as per the will of their family members in regard to the dead bodies of Nepali migrants in the destination countries.

Similarly, the NHRC has recommended to ensure legal rights of the returnees in view hatred, social denial, discrimination and ill-treatment at the community-level upon their return.

Likewise, the report stated to announce special economic relief and rehabilitation package for those debt-trapped and the migrants losing jobs and income due to the COVID-19.