Monday, 27 May, 2024

Cinema Hall within Narayanhiti Museum premises opening soon (Photo Feature)

Cinema Hall of Narayanhiti Palace Museum, Photo - Prakriti Adhikari

By Prakriti Adhikari, Kathmandu, Mar. 14: The visitors at Narayanhiti Palace Museum will get to view cinemas and documentaries seen by the Royal Family after some time.

The cinema hall within the palace located aside from the Dashain Tika Room in the main building of Narayanhiti Palace has been closed since the Royal Massacre. As the museum visitors are more curious about the cinema hall, the Naryanhiti Palace Museum Development Committee is preparing to show movies in the hall.

Bhesh Narayan Dahal, executive director of the museum, said, "We will showcase the movies watched by our former kings and queens soon for the visitors."

The movie reels piled up in the 'projector hall' for over 20 years have worn out. The workers have been cleaning the reel storages with kerosene. Likewise, technician Bharat Prasad Nepal who retired from Nepal Film Corporation is busy cleaning and repairing the reels.

Nepal said that the reels of documentaries from 2026 BS were also available in the palace. "Most of the reels can be cleaned here and few reels which are in frayed condition will be sent to India," said Nepal.

There are two projectors in the cinema hall which can be brought into operation after general repairing.

Executive director Dahal said that preparations were underway to display movies from coming Baisakh.

The members of the former Royal Family and their relatives used to watch movies on Friday. The cinema hall has 116 seats and five couches.

According to the former workers at the Palace, the Royal family, especially Queen Ratna and Aishwarya, used to watch movies usually during the nighttime.

Meanwhile, the museum has also managed to supply water in Phohora Garden and duck ponds within the palace premises.

A total of 20 rooms in the main building of the palace are still shut. The libraries and other rooms will be opened for visitors soon, Dahal informed. "The horse buggy used in 2031 BS during the coronation of King Birendra is being displayed from coming Baisakh 1 (April 14). The buggy is currently with Nepali Army. NA has already decided to hand over the buggy to us," said Dahal.

He informed that former King Tribhuwan's saloon room is also being opened soon.