Monday, 26 February, 2024

4.4 million doses of Vero Cell arriving from China by Saturday, 18+ age groups likely to be vaccinated

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Kathmandu, Sept. 14: The 4.4 doses of Vero-Cell COVID-19 vaccines will be arrived in Nepal by Saturday from China. It has been said that 18 plus age groups and most districts are likely to be incorporated in the vaccination drive.

Dr Bibek Kumar Lal, Director at the Family Welfare Division under the Department of Health Services, said that 4.4 million doses of the Vero Cell vaccine will arrive in Nepal from China.  

“To administer the arriving 4.4 million doses vaccines we have formulated the vaccination plan in such a way that all age-group and most districts of the country will be incorporated,” He said  “Decision of where and whom to administer the 4.4 million doses of the Vero Cell vaccine will reach a conclusion tomorrow from Covid-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee meeting.”

Nepal had purchased 10 million Vero Cell vaccines, of them, 4 million had arrived as part of the non-disclosure agreement in June. And, Nepal further decided to purchase 6 million Vero Cell doses, of them, 1.6 million doses arrived on August 19. And, the 4.4 million doses of Vero Cell are also part of purchased 6 million doses from China.

A total of 5,198,193 people have received a complete dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 5,833,938 have received a single dose so far, as per the report of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP).