Sunday, 4 June, 2023

Women should undergo general military training: Province Chief Sherchan 


Kapilvastu, March 4 : Lumbini Province Chief, Amik Sherchan, has stressed that women should undergo general military training for their defense.    
He pointed out the need that women should be strong in self-defense.

Addressing a provincial-level conference of Human Rights Defenders organised by National Human Rights Commission at Butwal, Province Chief Sherchan argued that the state side also violates the human rights.    

He laid emphasis on the need of protecting human rights of marginalized community including Dalit, Muslim and Madhesi as they are still compelled to live a miserable life.  

Similarly, a member Lumbini Province Assembly, Phararuddhin Khan, shared that the state should address the problems faced by such community due to poverty.    
Human right activists and journalists of 12 districts of the province are participating in the two-day conference.