Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

Procurement process of Russian 'Sputnik V' COVID-19 vaccine in final stage

Photo - Reuters

By Mahima Devkota, Kathmandu, July 1: It has been confirmed that the Russian (Sputnik V) COVID-19 vaccine is to be procured from Russia with the effort of the private pharmaceutical company at the earliest.

The Lomus Pharmaceutical is all set to procure the Russian vaccine in coordination with the Russian government after getting authority from the Department of Drug Administration (DDA) under the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP).

"All the steps have been completed, and we are waiting for vaccines to arrive," said an official of the Lomus Pharmaceutical Private Limited, requesting anonymity, "Vaccination campaign will begin soon after the arrival of the vaccines."

Santosh KC, Spokesperson at the DDA, said that Lomus Pharmaceutical Private Limited has been given authority to procure Russian vaccines. "All the processes are underway," he added.

According to, Dr Taranath Pokhrel, Director of Family Welfare Division, Department of Health Services, all the decisions regarding the price, selling, and procurement of the vaccines against COVID-19, acquired in an effort of private pharmaceuticals, have been made by the MOHP, and the directives have been imparted to concerned authorities as well.

"The MoHP will see its implementation, mark its distribution, and will administer the vaccines as per priority basis. Only those COVID-dedicated hospitals having more than 50 beds that have been listed by the MoHP on buying and selling of vaccines will be able to buy and sell the Sputnik V vaccine to the general public," he added.