Thursday, 25 April, 2024

Press Center Nepal marks 18th anniversary, Chair Sapkota vows to get ousted journalists reinstated


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Jan. 29: Press Center Nepal (PCN) marked its 18th establishment day on Saturday exchanging greetings and holding a discussion virtually.

Addressing the virtual meeting of the central committee, PCN Chairman Bishnu Sapkota Jugal vowed that the PCN would struggle to get all those journalists ousted from different media houses on ideological basis reinstated in their jobs.

"PCN has already urged the concerned media house management to reinstate journalists removed on various excuses. They have made commitment to do so. If they keep lingering on reinstating journalists to their jobs, we will have no option but launch protests against such media houses," said PCN Chair Sapkota while addressing the function held to mark PCN establishment day.

PCN is affiliated with the CPN (Maoist Center).

He urged all the journalists to be the real voice of the voiceless downtrodden people so that the concerned authorities work to address the plight of the people.

Extending his best wishes, former PCN Chair Maheshwor Dahal, also in-charge for the PCN, viewed that the PCN owns all the revolutionary spirit of the journalists who made people aware about political tyranny even when the country was under the grip of the Rana Oligarchy.

"We the PCN members carry on the revolutionary legacy of those journalists who sacrificed themselves for the cause of the people ever since the struggle against the Rana autocracy," he said.

PCN former leaders Govinda Acharya and OM Sharma said the PCN leadership has been making an honest effort to encourage the journalists be the voice of the voiceless poor people and raise their awareness on their rights while exposing the wrong doings of those in power.