Monday, 2 October, 2023

Man returns home quitting US govt job to toil for nation


By Bhotraj Rai
Udaypur, Dec. 9: Whereas many Nepalis give an arm and a leg to get a chance to go to the United States and settle there, one man from Bokse, Triyuga Municipality–10, Udaypur decided to leave the US and return home.
Prajwol Adhikari had an enviable life in the States. Having reached there for his studies in 2012, Adhikari worked for the postal service, had his own house and lived with his wife who worked as a nurse. But he left it all behind and came back to work in his own homeland.

“Things were good in the United States; we were comfortable. But comfort isn’t everything,” Adhikari shared with The Rising Nepal. “No amount of money and material facilities can compare to the value of Nepali land and Nepali culture. So, I decided to come and devote myself to my motherland.”
He plans to do this by building a resort with a children's park, zip line, swings and party hall. He is currently building infrastructure for it at an investment of Rs. 50 million. Adhikari informed that his resort would focus on service more than profit.

“We will charge less and offer more,” he said, talking about his plans. “We will provide healthy food in a family atmosphere and we’ll utilise local resources and manpower.”
"Those who grow up in small villages dream of going to the city. Once in the city, they want to live in Kathmandu. From Kathmandu, they again try desperately to move to western countries. “But no matter where we go, we are never satisfied and because of that, we never find happiness,” Adhikari said. “I came back to find happiness and if my happiness helps develop my birthplace for others then, well, that’s an added bonus.”
Adhikari informed that he wished to keep the memory of his parents alive through his work.

He hopes to complete the resort, which is being constructed at a distance of around one kilometre from the district headquarters Gaighat, within a year. “We are currently flattening the land and constructing the meeting hall, restaurant, kitchen, toilets and parking lots. After this, we will begin gardening to make the area green and attractive and lastly, we will construct the zip line and the big swings.”
Adhikari hopes that the spot will become an oasis for those looking for calmness and a pleasant atmosphere and will help bring in tourists as well. “Gaighat has a lot of facilities but it does not have a nice family resort. I want to change that,” he said.

Adhikari added that he would equip the facility with state-of-the-art technology and design packages to take guests to scenic and tranquil destinations like Saptakoshi Chatara, Udayapurgadhi, Chaudandigadhi, Taplipokhari, Limchungbung and Halesi.
It is said that it takes great courage to contain one’s desires and take the difficult road despite having easier alternatives available. Adhikari had that courage and that is why he returned, with his wife and two kids – nine and seven year olds, to Nepal to live a peaceful life.

He wants his efforts here to create employment opportunities so that other youths do not have to leave the country for work.