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Historic marathon organised to commemorate Ligligkot’s victory over Gorkha

Photo: TRN

By Our Correspondent
Gorkha, Sept. 12: Remembering the 460 years old history of Ligligkot’s victory over Gorkha, a historic marathon was organised here on Wednesday.
The open marathon race was held from Lihlihkot-Siranchowk to the Gorkha palace.
King Drabya Shah had his coronation ceremony done on Bhadra 25, 1616 B.S. (September 10, 1559), on the occasion of Krishna Janmasthami after he conquered the Gorkha Palace.
“This marathon isn’t only a competition. We are marking the 460 years old historic day through this event,” said Raju Gurung, chairman of Siranchowk Rural Municipality.
The race was jointly organised by Gorkha Municipality, Palungtar Municipality, Siranchowk Rural Municipality and Nepal Army Ransingh Dal Battalion, Gorkha.
Also, the organisers had aimed to establish the race as unified trial.
“The route of marathon was fixed as per Drabya Shah’s rule in Gorkha began from Ligligkot and Siranchowk,” said Gurung.
It is said that the Nepali Army (NA) was formed when Drabya Shah started ruling Gorkha. This is the reason behind Nepalese Army being a part of the race.
Kalibaks Battalion, Bajrabhairab Battalion and Gorakh Battalion were formed during the time King Prithvi Narayan Shah. The unifier of Nepal had also formed Shrinath Battalion for the first time in 1826 B.S.