Sunday, 4 June, 2023

Entire village at risk of landslide   


Beni, March 28 : Locals of Beni municipality-10, Patlekhet village are on verge of displacement following occurrence of landslide from a corner of the village.    
The entire village has been pushed to risk with continuous occurrence of Bandrekhalti landslide and Pakhe landslide.   

Most of the settlements at Patlekheti are facing vulnerability when the landslide was heading towards village.    

As informed the landslide has swept away 700 plus ropanis of fertile land and destroyed over eight hectares of forest area.  

'Almost 75 percent land of Raghuganga community forest has been ruined. Landslide has damaged the cultivable land and is coming close to human settlement. But, effective measures have not been in place to control landslide',    

According to him, the landslide had completely displaced four houses last year. The landslide-triggered disaster had displaced the households of Yam Bahadur Ramjali, Hari Garbuja, Khammi Garbuja, Indra Bahadur Rawat and Gore Rokka.    

Likewise, the Pakhakhet landslide occurred nearby Bandrekhalti area had also caused damages to the house of Murari Hamal forcing them to leave the place. Locals said the area had witnessed continuous happening of landslides at Bandrekhalti in 2018 BS. But landslides are occurring here per annum since 2058 BS.    

The earthquake-2015 had left the landslide control out of gear, shared Subedi, a local. Following the quake, the landslide has expanded its reach to the banks of Raghuganga River and human settlement in the upstream areas.   

The underground landslide has pushed Patlekhet settlement to further vulnerable situation. Landslide has so far taken away hundreds of ropani cultivable land.