Sunday, 3 March, 2024

Both Muslim, Hindu observes Muharram festival in Rupandehi

Muslims celebrating Muharram in Birgunj. (Photo: RSS)

Kapilvastu, Sept 10: While the Muslims across the country are observing the Muharram festival, the Hindus in Rupandehi district also celebrates this festival with equal importance on Tuesday.

The festival that falls on the 10th day of the first month of the Islamic calendar commemorates the martyrdom of the grandson of Prophet Mohammed, Hazrat Imam Hussain.

Although it is a Muslim festival, Hindus in the district have joined the Muslims in their locality to mark the festival. The local leaders acknowledge that celebrating the Muslims' festivals by the people of Hindu faith has helped maintain religious harmony between the two communities in the district.

The Muslims extol the statutes named Tahajiya made up of papers on this day. There is a belief that some 1,450 years ago, Prophet Hazrat Imam Hussain had go martyrdom in the battle of Karbala on this day. (RSS)