Friday, 9 June, 2023

Aid to cover health insurance of disadvantaged women  


Beni, April 4 : On the occasion of the 65th National Cooperative Day, Didi-Bahini savings and credit cooperative organization based in Myagdi headquarters Beni has handed financial aid to the 10 most disadvantaged women of the municipality.    

The cooperative provided the assistance to the women to bring them to the reach of health insurance scheme. The amount accumulated through individual donation was used to cover health insurance of 10 marginalized women.    

Cooperative chairperson Jyoti Lamichhane shared that financial assistance of Rs 35,000 was provided to a group women to enable them to pay premium for insurance.  

Cooperative Chairperson Lamichhane and District Cooperative Association Chair Prem Bahadur Karki jointly provided the amount to the indigent women.    

Among the financial aid recipients were Umadevi Kisan, Maya Sarki, Suntali Damai, Shanti Kisan, Sunmaya Kisan, Wisa, Sarki, Asmita Pun, Balkumari Kami and Tilkumari Karki.    

On the same occasion, cancer survivor duo, Seti BK of Beni municipality-1, Ratnechaur and Gaumati BK of Beni-9, were provided with financial assistance of Rs 5,555 each for the treatment, Lamichhane shared.