Wednesday, 12 June, 2024

Only 20% work of Nepalgunj ICP in 16 years, industrialists worried


By Our Correspondent, Nepalgunj, Dec. 30: The construction work of ICP (Integrated Customs Check Post) under construction at Nepalgunj has been completed only 20 per cent in 16 years.

An agreement was reached to build ICPs at Biratnagar, Birgunj, Nepalgunj and Bhairahawa in Nepal 16 years ago in 2005. However, after completing the construction in Biratnagar and Birgunj, India has already handed it over to Nepal, while only 20 per cent of the work has been completed in Nepalgunj.

In Nepalgunj, which is considered the main gateway of western Nepal, the construction work of ICP has been delayed due to not giving priority to it.

The ICP construction work is being constructed in Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City-16, Jaipur near the border.

According to the Nepalgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rajdeep Construction Company of India has signed a construction contract worth IRs. 1.47 billion to complete the project in two years after 15 years of the agreement.

The ICP construction work in Nepalgunj was started last year after 15 years of agreement to build ICPs in Nepal.

The NCCI has said that the concern of the industrialists has increased as only 20 per cent of the work has been completed after one year.

President of the NCCI Abdul Wahid Mansuri said that the industrialists and businessmen of the region, who were hoping to get all the services and facilities from one place after the construction of ICP, were tired of waiting.

Stating that the future and hope of the industrialists and businessmen of western Nepal was linked with the construction of ICP, he complained that the work could not pick up speed despite the continued pressure of businessmen.

Stating that the implementation of the agreement reached 16 years ago started last year due to the pressure of industrialists, former president of NCCI Krishna Prasad Shrestha said that the work has been very slow since then under various pretexts.

The construction of Naubasta Industrial Area and ICP is a project of pride to boost the economy of Banke, he said and added that the delay in the construction of both the projects had raised concerns.

Meanwhile, Nitin Kumar, an engineer at Rajdeep Construction Company, said that 20 per cent of the work has been completed so far.

He said that the work has been going on at a fast pace for the last two months even though the work has been stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic and various festivals.

According to him, infrastructures, including buildings are being constructed at the construction site. The construction of the Approach Road of the ICP with a length of 2,200 meters and a width of 60 meters is in full swing at the site.

According to the Urban Development and Building Construction Office, the import of goods required for the construction of ICP is being carried out as per the agreement between the two countries.

Engineer Homnath Bhusal of the office said that they are facilitating the local level construction materials, including stones, pebbles and sand required by the contractor company.