Sunday, 25 February, 2024

Entire family engaged in cryptocurrency


Kathmandu, Jan 25: A family has been found involved in cryptocurrency, which is deemed illegal in Nepal.

The family’s engagement on cryptocurrency transaction was revealed after the Department of Revenue Investigation (DRI) on Monday filed a case against the family members.

It was found that Dinesh Khadka of Lamkichuwa-10 in Kailali district, currently living in Kalopul in the Capital City, brought in money through illegal transaction of cryptocurrency in connivance with his sister Bhagawati, father Nar Bahadur Khadka and girlfriend Anita Dhital.

Issuing a statement Tuesday, the Department stated the Khadka family was involved in the US dollar transaction through the use of mobile apps e-Skrill and Binance.

The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) had minutely investigated into the case after the US Dollar was brought in unusually in the bank account of general people on different dates.

As per the details, Rs 9.7 million was credited in Dinesh’s account in the Global IME Bank, Rs 57.7 million was credited in the bank account of Anita Dhital while Rs 204 million in the bank account of Bhagawati Khadka’s NIC Asia Bank.

The DRI has lodged a case in the Kathmandu District Court claiming Rs 376.4 million in penalty.

The Department said it has sought seizure of the amount and three years behind the bar to alleged Khadka.