Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

Bird flu in Bhaktapur


Kathmandu, Mar. 6: Bird flu has been detected in Bhaktapur district. Three poultry farms at Suryabinayak Municipality-10 in the district recorded the bird flu.

Paila Agricultural Farm, Shikhar Poultry Farm, and Ajima Poultry Farm suffered the avian flu.

The Animal Disease Investigation Laboratory, Tripureshwor confirmed the bird flu in the Bhaktapur farms. The Laboratory further said sub-type F5F1 virus of HP1 was detected in the chicken.

With the detection of the bird flu, the security committee meeting held at the district administration officials decided to destroy the poultries and poultry products.

Assistant Chief District Officer and Information Officer Madhav Prasad Sharma informed that the meeting decided to destroy the fowls, eggs, waste, and feed inside the demarcated area- Ajima Brick Factory en route to the Araniko Highway, roadway near Shikhar Poultry Farm in the north, the northern border of the Araniko Highway in the south, and the way en route to Panityanki in the north.

The Information Officer also said the vigilance would be upped on the transport of chicken and poultry products in the Kathmandu Valley including Bhaktapur with the cooperation of local levels, Livestock Service Experts Centre, Lalitpur, and Livestock Service Department.