Sunday, 14 July, 2024

Bird flu detected in eight places of Chitwan


Chitwan, Apr. 1: Bird flu has been spotted in eight different places in the Chitwan district. It was detected intermittently in different areas over the past couple of days.

Efforts are underway to control and prevent the bird flu outbreak in Chitwan which is considered to be the capital of the poultry business.

According to Bharatpur-based Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Expert Center, bird flu was confirmed at the poultry farms of Kiran Prasad Kandel based in Kharahani municipality-2, Madan Krishna Manandhar at Bharatpur metropolis-8 and Khemlal Bhusal and Chandra Bhusal at Bharatpur-23.

Likewise, bird flu was detected at Bharatpur metropolis-16-based poultry farm of Abishek Ramdan, Khairahani municipality-10 based farm of Raju Burlakoti, Kharahani-3 based farm of Dhruba Adhikari and a poultry farm of Rajaram Pandit at Khairahani-6.

According to the Office, a decision was made to monitor the poultry farms of Kandel, Manandhar and Bhusal among others and destroy the birds within the boundary. Six other farms are yet to be monitored, the official source said.