Thursday, 23 May, 2024

"We are in direction of social transformation and change"

Photo: RSS

Lalitpur, Sept 30: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli laid foundation stone for buildings to be used for the purpose of contact offices and quarters of State chiefs and chief ministers.
The infrastructure to be constructed in an area spreading in 27 ropanis (one ropani is equivalent to 5476 sq ft) 12 ana (one ana is equivalent to 342.25 sq ft) of land is estimated to cost Rs 971.1 million.
The Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, Ministry of Urban Development is implementing the project.
A total of 14 advance buildings for seven blocks for seven states (each block comprising three-storey two buildings) will be constructed at Bhaisepati-based Saibu Residential Area.
On the occasion, the Prime Minister said the government was moving ahead with the dedication to realising the vision of a prosperous Nepal by accelerating infrastructure and other development in every sector.
The Prime Minister pledged to discourage the influence of middlepersons in poor-targeted programmes aimed to fight hunger so as to seek the establishment of a welfare state." We are in the direction towards visible social transformation and change.
Onwards, none will be forced to come to the street," he said, requesting all to inform the government if any helpless figure comes to their notice in the street. "Every day, I am giving the slogan of Nepal is a step ahead," he said assuring of the completion of Melamchi Water Project which was delayed as he said after contractor fled.
Those protesting against the government are presenting non-issues as issues but the government is determined on its way, according to the Prime Minister.
Also speaking on the occasion, Urban Development Minister Mohammed Istiyak Rai pledged standard and transparency in buildings construction. He took time to say that Saghan Tarai Programme launched by the Oli-led government has been successful in changing the fate of Tarai district headquarters.