Saturday, 9 December, 2023

Vice President stresses on reforming education

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Lalitpur, Sept 21: Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun stressed on the need of reformation in education.
Addressing the First National Council organized by Nepal Teachers' Federation on Saturday, Pun said education needed to be improved through reformation of teachers, syllabus and textbooks.
The Vice President pointed out that teachers were not only the tutors giving formal knowledge but were also the social reformers and change agents.
"Whatever political achievements the Nepali people have made today, teachers' contribution to that comes foremost. Although teaching profession looks simple and easy on the surface, it has a very important responsibility," the Vice President said.
As he said the teachers have a very important role in what kind of the nation and society is to be shaped in the future. He called on the teachers to constantly work towards making their students and schools the best performing ones by adopting the teaching methodology as suits the present situation and world.
"Education should be centred towards producing capable and competitive human resources dedicated to the national interest by promoting scientific, technical, vocational, skill-oriented, employment-oriented and people-oriented education system in the country," the Vice President said, stressing the need to make the higher education free, accessible and qualitative. He added that the private education should be well-regulated.
Vice President Pun was of the view that education should be equal and accessible in line with the constitution's pledge of socialism. He further said that although the state has invested much in the education and health sector, there was no expected improvement.
According to the Vice President, there is no alternative to improving the educational standard of community schools for a socialist system and equality of education.
Former Education Minister Ganga Lal Tuladhar said problems have piled up and become complex in the education sector. He said the eighth and ninth amendment to the Education Act made by the government some time back is non-controversial.
"A complete transformation should be ensured in the education sector which will also guarantee quality education," he said.