Thursday, 18 April, 2024

Vice President calls for I/NGOs' support for prosperous Nepal

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Kathmandu, Sept 23: Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun has called on international and national non-government organisations to be focused on achieving national aspiration of 'Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali'.
In his address to a ceremony organised by the Social Service Main Celebration Committee and Social Welfare Council on the occasion of 40th Social Service Day on Monday, the Vice President expressed his hope for INGOs and NGOs contribution to efforts towards the 'prosperous Nepal, happy Nepali' as like of their role in country's political and socio-economic transformation.
"It is the responsibility of all social organisations to join hands to realise a greater campaign of building a well-developed and prosperous Nepal with economic and social transformation," he said.
Only in democracy there lies a possibility for social organisaitons to flourish and undertake their activities, the President said and commended the role played social organisations for present political change and achievements. "So I urge social organisaitons to take a pride in the gained achievements, thanking them for their contribution to economic, political and social transformation," he added.
Stating that despite good results of some social organisaitons, there were complaints that investment of social organisations was not reaching to target groups, the Vice President said that the focus should be on making target groups self-sufficient instead of keeping them dependent.
According to him, in villages there is an increased mentality of asking about allowance even in the call for a general meeting for social cause and this raises a question whether our efforts are focused on keeping rural folks like of Karnali dependent instead of providing them ways of self-sufficiency. He stressed the need of encouraging them to focus on local production, not continue with rice supply there.
He advised /NGOs to come up with programmes capable of encouraging Karnali people to see future in apple and herbs productions and livestock instead of making a waste of money by organizing programmes in Kathmandu-based big hotels .
Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens Thammaya Thapa said the Council was contributing to overall welfare of women, children, senior citizens, those with disabilities and remote geographical areas through the effective mobilization of NGOs. She pledged that Council Act to be enacted anew would be based on the constitution's goals and international practices.
The Council is an independent body established to facilitate and coordinate with the social organisaitons (I/NGOs) and monitor and evaluate their performance.
Presently over 250 such organisations are affiliated with the Council. On the occasion, several people making contributions to the social sector were honoured.