Thursday, 22 February, 2024

Upper House sends two bills to Legislation Committee 


Kathmandu, Sept 16 :  The first meeting of the National Assembly, the Upper House of the Federal Parliament, has forwarded two bills to the Legislation Management Committee for clause-wise discussions. 

These bills include the 'Safeguards, Anti-dumping and Countervailing Bill, 2075BS' and the 'Economic Work Procedures and Financial Responsibility Bill, 2075BS'. The meeting unanimously sent the two bills to the Committee.    

Finance Minister Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada had presented a proposal in the Assembly meeting for sending the two bills to the Committee for their clause-wise discussions.    

National Assembly secretary Rajendra Phuyal tabled the 'Industrial Enterprises Bill, 2075 BS' along with the message received from the House of Representatives in the meeting. He also informed the Assembly regarding the message on the 'Passport Bill, 2075 BS' received from the House of Representatives.    


The meeting unanimously passed for the second time the 'Administrative Bill, 2075 BS' with the endorsement of the amendment made to the bill by the House of Representatives.  

Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Bhanubhakta Dhakal had presented a proposal urging the Assembly to accept the amendment to the bill related to the provision on the administrative court made by the House of Representatives.

Attention drawn    
Lawmaker of Nepal Communist Party (NCP), Khimlal Devkota said the government was pursuing development works listening to the voice of the people in deference to the principle that the basis of strengthening democracy is to listen to the public voice. He added that the government was flexible where it was required and moving forward the development works in the country.   

Pramila Kumari said the people are losing faith in the court as the latter gave a verdict causing loss of billions of rupees in revenue on the case of Ncell.

She drew the attention of the Assembly towards this issue saying the problem has resulted due to the political parties sharing the power pie. (RSS)