Thursday, 29 September, 2022

South Korea ready to take Nepali workers, DoFE awaits  Ministry's approval


By Mukunda Gaire, Kathmandu, July 21: The Department of Foreign Employment has stated that South Korea is eager to receive Nepali workers provided their conditions are met.

It has been said that the Employment Permit System (EPS) under the Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRD) has keen on taking foreign workers.

The Director-General of the Department of Foreign Employment, Krishna Prasad Dawadi has said that Korea is keen on receiving the workers that we're unable to go to Korea after fulfilling the guidelines laid down by South Korea.

He further mentioned that the HRD is positive about taking those workers who have completed the process of the EPS and have fulfilled the conditions set by the HRD.

Nepali workers have not been able to go to South Korea for work due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. South Korea is considered an attractive destination for foreign employment among Nepali workers.

The Department of Foreign Employment has said that Nepali workers will only be able to go to South Korea if they follow the guidelines laid out by the HRD of Korea. The first condition is a direct flight to Korea. The second condition is that workers must quarantine themselves in a hotel designated by the government for 14 and the expenses for the isolation must be paid by the worker.

The Department has also said that since the Department cannot negotiate for favourable conditions the negotiations are being carried by the Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security. Once, the ministry gives their decision to send workers the department will comply with the same.

It has been mentioned that South Korea has already begun to take workers from other countries and is keen on taking workers from Nepal as well.

8000 Nepali workers who were had completed the EPS process last year itself and have been ready to move to South Korea have been unable to do so. 3000 workers who had home for vacations last year have also been held back.

The wages for workers have increased in South Korea a few days ago. Nepali workers have said that they have completed all procedures to move to South Korea and have been urging the Nepal government to create favourable conditions for the workers to go to South Korea.