Wednesday, 21 February, 2024

Security bodies team up to battle COVID-19


By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, Mar. 31: “One mission, one goal and that is to defeat the coronavirus pandemic although we have different working natures in the field,” security officials said Monday.
Three security bodies mainly ---Nepal Police, Nepali Army and the Armed Police Force—are currently in the field for 24/7 to implement the lockdown and arrange infrastructure like quarantines, isolation beds and health tool kits in different parts of the country.
Nepali Army has prepared 7,234 quarantines and 2,094 isolation beds across the country to fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19). “The NA has set up the infrastructure of temporary nature in the seven States and over 1,010 people had already used these quarantines so far,” Brigadier General and spokesperson of Nepali Army Headquarters Bigyan Dev Pandey said.
The Army has deployed a 196-member medical squad to take care of those people kept in the quarantines built by the army in all seven states.
Also, the Army had held a two-day training about safe health delivery service and knowledge to prevent possible transmission of the virus to the medical teams.
Of the total 2,094 beds, 1,902 beds were designed as general beds and 192 as isolation beds. At present, 46 beds have been occupied.
The NA has deployed 190 health workers for the isolation beds.
Meanwhile, the NA has begun a process to purchase medical kits of the virus worth Rs. 170 million. Of the total amount, Rs. 100 million was provided by the government and Rs. 70 million was arranged from the fund of the Army Headquarters. From the given budget, the Headquarters will buy N95 face masks, personal protective equipment (PPEs) and other required tools.
Brigadier General Pandey said that the NA had already prepared 6,000 skilled human resources to control and transmission of the virus. In case of any emergency situation, the NA has also planned to take the support of ex-army personnel for the treatment of the virus.
Meanwhile, the Armed Police Force (APF) has also been soldering up its responsibility to implement the lockdown and monitor the borders linked with India and China. The APF is discharging its duties remaining very attentive and careful, said DIG Prabin Kumar Shrestha.
The APF has been informing people about the importance of lockdown through miking.The APF team has currently been deployed in 161 places of different health desks, where 530 personnel were deployed.
The presence of APF can be heavily seen in the Southern border to control

human movement and implement the lockdown, he said. “The APF is executing all these in coordination with local governments, district administration and police” The APF is mainly deployed in border security, security in quarantine, health desks, immediate response team, check points, picket, patrolling both by foot and vehicles, quick response team.
For disaster rescue operation, 1,062 personnel have been kept in a ready position in 81 places of the country, DIG Shrestha said. Also, ambulance service and medical team were deployed in 12 different places of the country. More than 2,545 personnel were deployed only in the border points, 641 personnel under 79 response teams, 617 in QRT team in 38 places, and 2,017 personnel in 374 check points.
Likewise, the APF has been deploying 2,321 personnel in 26 mobile patrolling.
According to the Headquarters, it deploys around 18,000 forces in the duty field every day. The APF has too managed thermal gun, sanitizer, and hand washing facilities for all its personnel across all the units, brigade and companies. Meanwhile, SSP Umesh Raj Joshi of Nepal Police said that a total of 27,829 police personnel were in the field at present across the country.