Monday, 17 June, 2024

Schools not submitting their details


By Prakriti Adhikari
Kathmandu, Apr. 10: Schools have been evading the submission of the details that they need to submit to the government every year. However, the regulatory body has not even asked for a verbal explanation to those schools.

Joint Secretary and Spokesperson of the Center for Education and Human Resource Development, Dilliram Luitel, said that even though it was mandatory to submit the details, not every school submits them.
There is a rule that the school has to submit the details through the Integrated Education Management Information System (IEMIS) within two months from the starting of the new academic session.
The center provides the password to the schools to enter the data online.

After receiving the password, a school is required to provide details about the number of students, number of teachers, incomes, expenses, physical infrastructure, etc. Even if a student or a teacher leaves school, it must be immediately reported online.

Luitel said that private schools constitute the largest part of the schools that don't abide by the rule. "We have been continuously urging them to send the details. We would like to inform the local level that a certain school has not sent the details. ” he said. However, no action has been taken against these schools.

An official of a concerned branch of the center said that the large private schools in the valley were among them who do not comply with the legal requirement.
DK Dhungana, president of the Private and Boarding Schools Organization Nepal (PABSON), said that his organisation would facilitate in the process if the centre provided information about the schools that do not send details.

"If the list of those who did not send the information is made available to us, we will help the center by sending the details regularly,” he said. According to the center, there are 34,268 schools of which 6,760 are private. There are about 7.09 million in schools.