Tuesday, 28 May, 2024

Sahana Pradhan was a leading leader: NCP Chair Prachanda

Photo: RSS

Kathmandu, Sept 23: Nepal Communist Party (NCP) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' said on Monday that late Sahana Pradhan was a leading figure in the communist and political movement in Nepal.
Addressing a programme organised by the Sahana Pradhan Foundation to commemorate the Fifth Shahana Memorial Day, Prachanda said that there were many aspects of the late Pradhan's contribution.
"On the whole, she was the leading figure of the Nepali communist and political movement. She was an important leader providing leadership to the social and political transformation of Nepal.
The NCP Chair reminded that one should not forget the ideals while paying tribute to a leader like late Pradhan who struggled and faced many difficulties in the fight against the Rana oligarchy and autocracy throughout her life.
As he said the revolution and the process of change was started in Nepal by the Communist Party founded by the late Pushpa Lal after making a good analysis of Nepali society and Marxism. Prachanda added that although many leaders of the old generation like Pushpa Lal, Pradhan, among others spent a life of dedication, hard work, dignity and commitment to the party ideals but did not use the revolution for the personal gain, power and pelf.
"The name of the party is still Communist Party, are we genuinely communists now? We have stated that the journey of socialism would be started, but are we really like the fighters for socialism? Or have we gradually oriented toward post and prestige like the Congress or the autocrats of the past," the party chair wondered.
Stating that the dictators also talked about unleashing development in the country in the past, he said to make a declaration is not a big thing but going for action is. "What we do holds meaning and importance," he added.
NCP senior leader Jhalanath Khanal said the late Pradhan played an active role in the country's communist movement, the women liberation movement and that women should also be provided education. He recalled that after Pushpa Lal's death, Pradhan had lead the party and her contribution is immortal. Senior leader Khanal stressed that the party still needed to maintain a balance between men and women.
NCP standing committee member Ghanashyam Bhusal said the late Pradhan's determination and vision for enriching the communist party was unforgettable.
Another standing committee member Pampha Bhusal described the late Pradhan as an incomparable leader in the political and women rights movement of Nepal. She said that women have not been given justice in the party even at present and called for 33 per cent participation of women in the party's every level.
Umesh Lal Shrestha, late Pradhan's son, said the party remembered his mother's contribution in one year as a ritual.
Foundation chairperson Ram Kumari Jhankri stressed vthat the party should internalize the late Pradhan's thoughts. Pradhan who was born in 1984 BS died this very day in 2071 BS.