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Sagarmatha Sambaad on April 3, 4

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Kathmandu, Sept 18: The Sagarmatha Sambaad on 'Climate Change, Mountains and Future of the Humanity' is to be held in Kathmandu on April 3 and 4, 2020.
To be hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal in collaboration with the Institute of Foreign Affairs and the Policy Research Institute, the Sambaad aims to exchanges experience and achievements achieved by Nepal on the issues of politics, society, economy, environment, conflict management and peace process with the world, said the organisers.
This information was shared at a seminar with the theme of 'Sagarmatha Sambaad: national consultation' organised to make the Sagarmatha Sambaad a success. The seminar chaired by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Pradeep Kumar Gyawali was attended by experts in the related field, high level political leadership, government officials and media-persons.
On the occasion, Minister Gyawali, also director of the Sagarmatha Sambaad and coordinator of the organising committee, said issues of world's environment, climate change, world trade, economy, terrorism, immigration, intellectual property, information technology and other new technologies have taken priority.
"The Sambaad will contribute to getting the world's attention to issues of common concern at national and regional levels through dialogues, get international support and sympathy and resolve them," said the Minister, highlighting the relevance and necessity of the Sambaad.
The dialogue aimed to ensure greater participation of people from different walks of life including Nepal's development partners, civil society, private sector and academic field in dialogues and discussions about issues of regional and worldwide concerns facing Nepal and environmental, economic, socio-cultural and good governance issues on a regular basis, to contribute for the promotion of common understanding about the issues, seeking ways for resolving them, the Minister said.
More, the objective of the dialogue is to make world community aware of Nepal's own success stories of home-grown peace, fighting climate change, inclusive democracy, contributions to international peacekeeping, women empowerment and uplifting of the marginalised sections and its achievements in the area of environment conservation; and to hold intellectual dialogues on the matters of common concern, according to him.
On the occasion, Minister for Forest and Environment Shakti Bahadur Basnet was of the view of establishing climate change issue as the matter of mass concern and making the Nepali well aware of its consequences.
He spoke of the need of greater discussions and dialogues on this serious issue of international concern.
As he said, the Sambaad would provide a forum for developing a common understanding about climate crisis among high political leadership and the entire world community and to prod up political leaderships to develop a will power to cope with the crisis efficiently.
The Sagarmatha Sambad 2020 will deliberate on several themes such as traditional knowledge, culture and technology; agriculture, food security, forest and bio diversity; green economy, tourism, energy and water and low carbon resilience, it is said.