Saturday, 13 April, 2024

Representatives not supposed to avoid responsibility towards people: DPM Pokhrel

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Kathmandu, Sept 28: Deputy Prime Minister Ishwor Pokhrel has urged one and all not to be disappointed as the government is committed to implementing the election manifesto.
Speaking at a greetings exchange ceremony organised on the occasion of upcoming Dashain, Tihar, Nepal Sambat, Chhath and Lhosar festivals on Saturday, the Deputy Prime Minister said that they had not forgotten commitments made before the people during the election.
On the occasion, a list of developments endevours carried out so far by the incumbent government was unveiled.
He urged the people to warn leaders if they seemed distancing themselves from the track. He was of the view that people's representatives were never supposed to shunning their responsibilities towards the people. "People's representatives are elected by people," he said, adding that he was much sensitive about it. He urged people to share, if any problem, with him through the respective ward office, pledging to take initiation to address them.
On the occasion, Kathmandu metropolis mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya said the Bikram Sambat should be replaced by the Nepal Sambat.
Kathmandu Constituency 5(1) State Assembly member Narayan Silwal said he was ready to do anything for the people except the Melamchi water. He pledged to manage budget and resources on behalf of the State government for the development.
He presented details about development activities undertaken by the state government. He went on to say that the Tukucha River did not cause problems for us, but we people had made the river to suffer, pledging to address the issue.
Kathmandu constituency 5 State Assembly member Sita Adhikari claimed that several laws were enacted and the pace of development activities had been taken ahead by the government in a period of one and half year.
KMC-2 ward chair Rajendra Kumar Shrestha vowed to reclaim the ownership of encroached public land and intensify physical infrastructure development. "Our focus in the days ahead will be on protecting public lands."