Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

Ranipokhari completion to take four months


By Binu Shrestha

Kathmandu, Oct. 15:The reconstruction work of Ranipokhari pond is likely to complete in next four months.
Earlier, the Ranipokhari Consumers Committee (RCC) had a target to complete the reconstruction work before the day of Bhai Tika of the Tihar festival.
The committee had initiated reconstruction of the pond from the day of Shivaratri on March 4, this year. The reconstruction cost of the famous historical pond is estimated at Rs. 95 million.
“The start of the festival seasons and unexpected leave demand by the workers have affected the regular working process. Black soil is used to reconstruct the pond which took more time than our expectation, “said Lokendra Khadgi, in-charge of the committee.
After the Dashain festival, the reconstruction process has halted due to the shortage of black soil. It will take one or two more days to bring black soil at the site, he said.
The required black soil is brought from Sankhu area. The consumer committee has been working to build the wall section using the balck soil. The soil is also being applied in the ground section to protect water sipping.
Construction of the wall on the east, west, north section and half part of south section has completed. Only the half- section of the wall in the south part is to complete. Black soil applying process in the ground section will begin within some days, said Khadgi. The remaining work on the half-section of south part wall will continue after completing the ground section, he said. Around 30 to 40 women and 10 to 15 men have been making contribution of their labour, idea and time to rebuild the historic pond.
Most of the workers working here had earlier worked at Bhaju Pond of Bhaktapur which is now also under reconstruction. The committee has brought them to rebuild the historic pond because of their working experience. Ranipokhari is being reconstructed applying similar method like Bhaju Pond using the black soil.
Works in the Ranipokhari has been divided in two phases. The committee has been handling works of the wall building and ground parts of the pond and the Construction Company, CA/Tulsi Contractors, have been handling the reconstruction of the Balgopaleshwar Temple, bridge and a garden surrounding the pond. The agreed budget for the reconstruction is Rs. 140 million.
Reconstruction works of Balgopaleshwar Temple, which lies in the middle of the historic Ranipokhari had begun in August, and the bridge section will complete by the end of Baishakh month, according to the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA). Reconstruction of the temple
The temple is being rebuilt in traditional Granthakut style of the Malla era. The temple was built by King Pratap Malla in the Granthakut style in 1670.
The original temple was destroyed in the earthquake of 1934. After the earthquake, the temple was later reconstructed following Gumbaz model by the Rana rulers. According to historians and activists, the temple was rebuilt by Jung Bahadur Rana in 1905 making changes to its original design.
The contractor is now working on the bridge section after demolishing the old damaged bridge. Around 75 per cent of demolishing process of bridge has completed.