Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

Politics ought to lead civil service: Pandit


By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, Sept. 9: Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Lal Babu Pandit on Sunday underlined a need for a better coordination between the politics and administration.
Speaking at Gorkhapatra Sambad on the occasion of 16th Civil Service Day, he said the leadership should have command over the administration and every movement is guided by politics.
‘Nepal’s administrative bodies have not been seen or judged as barrier to political system and we can’t think of that as well. The public service sector has served the Nepali politics as being supportive one, not as an obstructive force’ he said.
He, however, said public service despite being supportive to Nepali politics and leaders, their traditional mindset and perception has not seen so easy and ready to discard their traditional way of working culture and environment.
‘Public service sector has also been seen not ready to accept the changed context of the country and this practices of federalism and three-tier government in the centre, state and local bodies,’ he said.
Deliberation on the Federal Public Service Bill has been going at State Affairs and Good Governance Committee For the past eight months, Minister Pandit informed. ‘This bill will act as a guidance Act to State Public Service Commission and the Local Bodies and remain as the mother act to other institutions including the corporations operated under the government,’ he said. Pandit said he wanted to promulgate the bill at the earliest because of its fruitfulness.
He said that slogan of 16th Public Service Day, ‘able public service administration, development, prosperity and good governance’ would be effective implementation.

The minister informed that after the calling of the new applications to fill up 9,161 vacancies will help the government settle the pressure of insufficient vacancies in the states and local bodies.

‘Other vacancies will also come accordingly after the demand of the vacancies from the respective state governments,’ he said.
Pandit also added the service-facility to civil servants would be a different basis on economic condition of provincial government in future.
He informed the government was undertaking works to lessening unionism, removing morning shift works and implementing other notable reforms in civil services.