Wednesday, 29 May, 2024

PM urges NRNs to work for country’s transformation


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Mar. 28: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has urged the Non-Resident Nepalis to use the capital, technology, business knowledge, skills and abilities acquired abroad for the transformation of the country. Addressing the concluding ceremony of the 10th Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) International General Assembly and NRN Global Conference Sunday, Prime Minister Deuba said huge quantity of capital and technology was needed for the rapid transformation and sustainable development of the country and expressed confidence that NRNs would play a complementary role in it.

Stating that the constitution of Nepal has given priority to the use of knowledge and skills, technology and capital of non-resident Nepalis in national development under finance, industry and commerce policy, he said that various policies and legal reforms are required to ensure easy investment for NRNs and return on investment.

He also expressed his commitment to create a conducive environment where non-resident Nepalis can easily invest and get return on investment by making various policies and legal reforms required for that.
The Prime Minister said that NRNA should move ahead with making strategic plans for the country’s development by collecting their capital, knowledge and skills in an integrated manner.
Prime Minister Deuba also said that the government has always been positive in protecting the assets and investments of non-resident Nepalis.

He assured that the government was ready to address their problems and go hand-in-hand for the country’s development.
“The NRNA has acted as a bridge to spread Nepali language, culture, traditions, art and literature abroad and also to pass it on to future generations. Continuing this in the coming days, I am confident that you will proactively conduct our activities that can promote Nepali soil and culture in foreign lands as well,” he said.

On the occasion, political leaders and parliamentarians Subash Nembang, Surendra Pandey and Gagan Kumar Thapa also highlighted the contribution of NRNA for the country’s development and urged for counting their support.

The 10th NRNA International Assembly and Global Conference started on Saturday in the Capital has concluded by issuing a14-point declaration Sunday.
It has been demanded that the law will be enacted as soon as possible saying that the provision of non-resident Nepali citizenship has been made in the Constitution of Nepal.
Similarly, the NRNA has said that non-resident Nepalis around the world are committed to mobilise skills, capital and technology in the interest of Nepal and Nepalis to make the basic slogan of “Once Nepali, Ever Nepali” meaningful.

It has been requested to take steps to reform the legal framework for the mobilization of the investment established by the Nepal Development Fund to attract Rs. 10 billion. The NRNA convention has unanimously selected a new executive committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Badri KC, Kul Acharya and Rabina Thapa.