Thursday, 23 May, 2024

People are evaluating works of government: NCP leader Nepal

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Bhaktapur, Oct 5: Nepal Communist Party (NCP) leader Madhav Kumar Nepal said on Saturday that people were evaluating the works of the government with a two-thirds majority.
The former Prime Minister said this while addressing a greetings exchange programme organized by Pushpalal Memorial Foundation Bhaktapur District Committee at Surya Binayak.
He said that the government however faced the challenge of carrying out its works with the plan of making all the Nepalis happy and bringing smiles on their face.
Noting that the NCP and the government were presently in litmus test, he said, "The test by fire of the government and NCP has started now. The people are evaluating the works carried out by the party and the government from the centre to the ward level."
Leader Nepal said that the result of the works carried out by the government enjoying two-thirds majority support would be evaluated by people through the by-elections to be held on November 30. He added that the NCP should be able to retain its seats wherever the by-election is being held.
He also urged that the past weaknesses should be acknowledged and working style improved. Plan should be made what needs to be done at present rather than ruing over what happened in the past.
NCP standing committee member Lilamani Pokharel said it was imperative to put to an end the capitalist character and feudalism since it would not be possible to take the country towards socialism from the existing capitalist working style.